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Dona Lluna



Work commissioned by the municipality of San Vicente del Raspeig the occasion of the inauguration of the sculpture 'Dona Lluna' (Moon Woman)

Dona Lluna is the work of Saulo Mercader, which shows a massive and powerful female body, with generous curves: wide hips and breasts nutrients that give the size of a Mother Goddess, a figure which is in all societies around the world. A half-moon serves as head and face, thus giving it a universal and cosmic dimension.

DonaLluna it focuses on the fundamentals of life:

. Earth which has its roots, which is Born (the first model of the sculpture was made in clay and cooked).

. Air around it permanently.

. Water, symbolized by their very long hair that falls like heavy waves from top to toe.

. Fire because it was cast in bronze with patina in the casting.

. Space



ISWC: T-0427105745

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