Maestro Manuel Lillo

Acuarelas (Watercolors)


Quarteto n 3 for Clarinets

Three colors appear in a box of water paint.

After a short introduction, the guajira continuous the piece. This popular style is native from Andalusia, but had its development in Cuba from the eighteenth century. This part gives us one of the most lilting rhythms.

The Joys of Cadiz have their origin during the Peninsular War in which the cities of Cadiz and Zaragoza had a special relationship because of their resistance against Napoleon's troops.
Result of this relationship born this type of issue that the influence of the Jota Aragonesa is mixed with Andalusian charm.

Finally, Watercolors flows into the joy of the Jota Aragonesa that resolves with the end of the play.

  1. Guajira
  2. Alegrías de Cádiz
  3. Jota y Final


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