Maestro Manuel Lillo

Con viento fresco


Cuartet N 4 for clarinets

With fresh air

Suite composed for a chamber group of clarinets in which the author shows his special affection for this family of wind instruments. This piece, which requires certain passages of virtuosity of its performers, is structured in two parts.

The first part is a descriptive passage of the luxuriance of the vegetation of Madrid's Casa de Campo (a very big park in the West of town), true heart of the city. The descriptive passage of the Casa de Campo gives way to a second part of greater structural complexity. So we can see themes that evoke the academies of the early songs of the 60s in Spain, which was common in the jazz-inspired exercises. As usual Maestro mixes spannish dances with jazz tunes, concluding the play with a short march paragraphs.


ISWC: T-0415976736

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