Maestro Manuel Lillo

Fiesta Mediterránea


Symphonic Suite

In many Spanish towns bathed by Mediterranean Sea, the festivities include neighbors who dress up as Moors and Christians. All this occurs around the dates on which they celebrate the feast of the patron saint of the town, usually almost always coincides with the summer season, ie April to September. These festivals take place over several days with great waste of imagination in dress, music, light, sound of guns, food, drink, etc..

This work is inspired on the impressions noted in these festivities in several cities as Villena, Alicante, San Vicente del Raspeig, Alcoy, Alicante, Benidorm, ...

This work served as a generic name to the CD 'Mediterranean Fiesta. Tribute to Maestro Manuel Lillo' recorded by BSMM in 2005.


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